Picture Frame Maker Sheffield

Modern mount cutters

Making frames and mirrors for Decades.

I know a little bit about the business of putting frames together with mats, cutting glass, mitering moulding, joining frames oh but doesn't it cost loads now to have bespoke work done, well there is now a better way, we do the cutting and the chopping and you assemble in your own little work space, after you have picked your frame etc it's all put together while you wait or not? and you just clean glass getting all the bits out etc and secure with one of our special framing guns, fit the hangers and job done, all under our watchful eye so no worries, doing it this way saves us time and you money if you come to one of our courses you can do more? and frame your work while learning.. Contact Richie now

Loads of information on chunky reclaimed wood and natural edged mirrors.


Good quality gear to loan
Frame hand coloured to match print mat with gold slip.
Yew natural edged (Waney) shaped stained to bespoke speck then wax and polished
Mirror styles we have many come here soon and spend a penny ..cafe & loo